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Lab Workshops – We provide workshops to students free of charge.  Topics cover DNA, environmental contaminants, and aquatic ecosystems. 

  1. You are NOT the father! – This workshop covers the structure of DNA/genes and how they are used to identify parentage. Students/participants will learn electrophoresis and DNA fingerprinting. 
  1. What’s in my food? – In this workshop, students/participants investigate pesticide residues in baby food, produce, dog food, and/or fish.
  1. Something’s in the water? – In this workshop, students will investigate water chemistry of drinking water and water from local ecosystems.

Research & Development – With our research partners, we seek to provide innovative, high-risk/high-reward research to address environmental and agricultural problems.  This includes the development of novel biosensors, the quantification of environmental chemicals in various matrices, the developmental of tools and resources to improve agricultural yield. 

Visual Guides of Textbooks, Lab Books, and/or Community Literature - As a medium that combines text and visuals, the usefulness of graphic novels in education has been examined.  As with any approach, graphic novels are a tool rather than a means to an end.  They are not meant to replace textbooks.  They are an avenue that students can use to help them understand complex information they might not otherwise understand.

Thus, our goal is to use graphic novels as a tool to engage students in learning and/or convey information to the general public.